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Since 2000, Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Authority (DDBRA) in partnership with “George Georgescu" Arts High School, organise the National Poster Competition on ecological theme called "A CHANCE FOR THE BLUE DANUBE." The meeting place of all messages cannot be other than Tulcea/Romania, the terminus point of the Danube River, where, before its meeting with the Black Sea, creates the most fascinating place in Europe – the Danube Delta.

The objective of the competition is that through exhibitions of posters dedicated to nature protection, through art, to raise and maintain the constant interest of public opinion and of the younger generation in particular, on the need for conservation of natural ecosystems. Thus, the artistic message becomes a signal, a warning contributing to sensitise decision-makers, but in the same time represents an environmental education factor, an instrument trying to attract and involve the public in conservation and protection of DANUBE and DANUBE DELTA waters.

The competition increased in value from one year to another and beginning with 2010 it became international and a selection of the best artworks was displayed in different locations along the Danube: in Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria and Germany.

In 2014, the 15th edition of this international competition will be organized, a new opportunity to invite you all to participate with special creations.


Rights and conditions of participation

Young people aged 15 to 18 years old are invited to participate in the competition with posters.

Competition participants are kindly asked to submit all personal details by writing on the reverse side of their exhibits.

The materials submitted must be original and made by competitors. Organizers assume no liability for materials unlawfully appropriated by participants.

By submitting materials, participants implicitly agree that these posters will be – free of charge - posted/distributed/used/copied/archived (organizers reserve their right to use them in mass media for communication and information purposes and to reproduce them for promotional purposes, etc.).

By submitting materials, the participant confirms that he read and understood all the terms in Competition Regulations and accepts them.


The manner of conducting the contest is as follows:

  • The size of poster projects will be 42/60 cm.
  • Work technique is free (tempera, collage, mixed technique, graphic)
  • Exhibits will have, on the reverse side, identification data for the author and the educational institution he/she represents
  • Exhibition opening and the announcement of winners will be held on 5th of June 2012, World Environment Day
  • Exhibits are expected until 30th of April (date of arrival at destination) on the address of SC Vizual srl, Cluj Napoca, str. Tecuci nr.24, ap.5, jud. Cluj, Romania.
  • Exhibits will be sent with a list containing the names of participants, school, grade, teacher and contact person information.



The deadline for submission of materials: 30th of April 2014 (date of arrival at destination)

Jury: the exhibition will be opened for public from 5 to 29 June 2014, at Danube Delta Ecotourism Museum Center, and will be displayed online at http://www.thebluedanube.ro/ .

Announcement of winners: in Tulcea, on 29 June 2014.



Exhibits in this competition will be judged by a jury (formed by personalities in the world of arts) on the following criteria: consistency with theme, creativity, originality.



Prizes consisting of specific materials will be awarded by APA NOVA Bucharest- the competition sponsor.



Materials in this competition must comply with copyright law and intellectual property rights and exclusive rights of any other nature recognized by law. The participant must own all rights to materials in this competition or have the corresponding rights of use thereof.

The participant is solely responsible of any direct or indirect consequences that may arise as a result of the entry of materials in this competition. Participants keep the copyright on their materials.

By submitting materials, the participant agrees that materials in this competition can be exposed and used, unlimited in time and space, by the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Authority and the sponsor, indicating the author's name.



For more information regarding the competition, please write us on email: portal@ddbra.ro or fax: +40 240 518975.


Final clauses:

The organizers reserve the right to refuse participation to any type of material in the competition on grounds of inconsistency with the competition theme.